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Family: Grossulariaceae — currant family

The currant family consists of deciduous shrubs with lobed and toothed leaves that alternate along the stem. A small appendage called a stipule can be found just beneath the point where the leaf attaches to the stem. The flowers are solitary or arranged in inflorescences that grow either at the tip of the plant or from the point where leaves attach to the stem. The flowers have both pollen-bearing and ovule-bearing parts, usually with 5 sepals and 5 petals. There are 4-5 stamens. The sepals, petals, and stamens are fused together at their bases to collectively form a cup-like or tube-like hypanthium. There is 1 ovary comprised of 2 carpels. The fruit is a fleshy berry. Species in this family were formerly included in the Saxifragaceae.

This family’s genera in New England

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