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References: Hellquist and Crow (1981), Haynes and Hellquist (2000a).

  • 1a. Androecium composed of 6 stamens; gynoecium with a single whorl of carpels on a small, flat receptacle; inflorescence a panicle
  • 1b. Androecium composed of 7–40 stamens; gynoecium with several whorls of carpels on a convex receptacle, forming a subglobose cluster; inflorescence usually a raceme or an umbel
    • 2a. Roots not septate; flowers all bisexual; achenes longitudinally ribbed; inflorescence usually an umbel (i.e., with a single whorl of pedicels)
    • 2b. Roots septate; at least the lower flowers of the inflorescence unisexual; achenes not longitudinally ribbed, but sometimes with lateral wings; inflorescence usually a raceme, with (1–) 2–10 whorls of pedicels

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