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  • 1a. Plants with scattered, solitary flowers borne on slender pedicels 10–40 mm long 
 [Fig. 559]; bracts subtending the flowers up to ½ as long as calyx [Fig. 559]
    • 2a. Basal leaf blades oblanceolate, 15–30 mm long; at least the lower internodes of the stem puberulent; blade of petals 5–10 mm long, the apex toothed [Fig. 559]; calyx equaling the length of the fruit; bracts ca. 50% as long as the calyx
    • 2b. Basal leaf blades linear, 20–80 mm long; stems glabrous; blade of petals 12–18 mm long, fringed-cleft to near the middle; calyx shorter than the length of the fruit; bracts 25–36% as long as the calyx
  • 1b. Plants with closely crowded, sessile or short-pedicellate flowers borne in terminal 
cymes [Fig. 558]; bracts subtending flowers nearly equaling to exceeding the length of the calyx [Fig. 558]

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