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Reports of Forsythia ovata Nakai from New England are based on collections of F. suspensa; e.g., 29 Aug 1947, Bean s.n. ( NEBC!). Cultivated members of this genus were reported from RI by Kartesz (1999), based on George (1992); however, George (1999) stated they were not naturalized in RI.

  • 1a. Calyx lobes (5–) 6–7 mm long; branchlets spreading to drooping; pith hollow through internodes and solid at the nodes; leaf blades broad-cunate to rounded at the base, sometimes 3-lobed or 3-foliate
  • 1b. Calyx lobes 2–4.5 mm long; branchlets mostly ascending to arching; pith chambered though the internodes and chambered or solid at the nodes; leaf blades mostly cuneate to broad-cunate at the base, simple (sometimes 3-lobed in F. intermedia)

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