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The fruits of Hypochaeris vary depending on their placement on the capitulum. Those from the margin are shorter and either are short-beaked or lack beaks altogether compared with the inner cypselas, which are longer and have slender, apical beaks.

  • 1a. Leaf blades glabrous or puberulent; involucre 8–10 mm tall during anthesis (elongating to 17 mm in fruit); rays relatively inconspicuous, not much exceeding the involucre (if at all) and ca. 2 times as long as wide; body of inner cypselas 6–8.5 (–13.5) mm long; plants annual from a taproot
  • 1b. Leaf blades hispid; involucre 10–15 mm tall during anthesis (elongating to 25 mm in 
fruit); rays evident, exceeding the involucre and ca. 4 times as long as wide; body of inner cypselas 8–17 mm long; plants perennial from a caudex and fibrous roots (sometimes 1 or more roots thickened as well)

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