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  • 1a. Sepals 12–25 mm long, usually green-yellow throughout; lateral petals 13–18 mm long; labellum 10–15 mm long; peduncle 10–15 cm long, shorter than the ovary; non-flowering plants commonly with a white, arrested floral bud 1–2 mm long; plants short-rhizomatous, occurring singly or in small clumps
  • 1b. Sepals 34–67 mm long, usually green-yellow in the basal portion and red-purple in the apical portion; lateral petals 15–25 mm long [Fig. 167]; labellum 15–25 mm long; peduncle 20–55 mm long, at least as long as the ovary; non-flowering plants only rarely with a white, arrested floral bud; plants long-rhizomatous, forming colonies

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