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The leaves in deep-water plants can have simple blades, contrary to the normal condition of pinnately compound blades.

  • 1a. Seeds aligned in 1 row in each locule, with 75–150 (–175) polygonal depressions on each surface; silique 15–25 ×1–1.5 mm wide, terete in cross-section, with a slender, persistent style beak 0.5–2 mm long
  • 1b. Seeds aligned in 2 rows in each locule, with 25–50 (–60) polygonal depressions on each surface; silique 10–15 ×1.5–3 mm, compressed somewhat perpendicular to the septum, with a short, thick, persistent style beak up to 0.5 (–1) mm long or the beak absent altogether

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