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Onosmodium bejariense DC. ex A. DC. var. hispidissimum (Mackenzie) B.L. Turner was reported from ME and NH by Turner (1995). The report was certainly in error given that (1) Turner’s manuscript was internally inconsistent (e.g., the identification key gave one range, the discussion of the taxon gave another, the map provided gave yet another range) and (2) no Onosmodium has ever been collected north of MA in New England.

  • 1a. Corollas (8–) 11–16 (–20) mm long, the lobes green or white, triangular to broad-triangular, and 1–2 (–3) times as long as wide; midstem leaf blades mostly 20–40 mm wide; mericarps 3.5–5 mm long
  • 1b. Corollas (7–) 8–10 (–14) mm long, the lobes yellow to yellow-orange, narrow-lanceolate to narrow-triangular, and (2–) 3–4 times as long as wide; midstem leaf blades mostly 10–20 mm wide; mericarps 2.5–3 mm long

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