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Reference: Taylor (1993a).

  • 1a. Seed cones 12–16 cm long; scales elliptic to rhombic, widest near the middle; branches conspicuously pendulous; branchlets red-brown
  • 1b. Seed cones 1.5–6 cm long; scales flabellate, widest at or very near the apex; branches ascending to spreading; branchlets light brown to pink-brown or yellow-brown
    • 2a. Branchlets glabrous and glaucous, light brown to pink-brown; seed cones 3–6 cm long; scale apex entire [Fig. 45]; winter buds rounded at apex
    • 2b. Branchlets pubescent, not glaucous, yellow-brown; seed cones 1.5–4.5 (–5) cm long; scale apex slightly erose to evidently and irregularly toothed; winter buds acute at apex
      • 3a. Pubescence of branchlets, in part, glandular [Fig. 46]; leaves gray-green, dull, glaucous; winter buds 3–3.9 mm long, gray-brown; seed cones 1.5–2.5 (–3.5) cm long, persisting on plant for many years; scale apex irregularly toothed
      • 3b. Pubescence of branchlets entirely eglandular; leaves yellow to dark green, lustrous, not glaucous; winter buds 5–8 mm long, red-brown; seed cones 2.3–4.5 (–5) cm long, usually falling from plant by first winter; scale apex erose [Fig. 47]

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