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Reference: Urbatsch and Cox (2006).

  • 1a. Pappus absent; style appendages elongate and pointed; chaff sharply acute to acuminate and hispidulous near the apex; leaf blades toothed to entire, but not lobed
    • 2a. Plants biennial or short-lived perennial, with basal tufts of leaves; leaves basally disposed, decreasing in size upwards, the lower borne on evident petioles
    • 2b. Plants annual, lacking basal tufts of leaves; leaves chiefly cauline, remaining relatively constant in size until near base of capitulescence, all sessile or subsessile
  • 1b. Pappus present, represented by a minute crown up to 0.2 mm long; style appendages short and blunt; chaff blunt to acute at apex (tipped by a cusp in R. triloba), glabrous or minutely downy-pubescent near apex; lower leaf blades with 3 or more prominent lobes or entire to toothed in R. fulgida

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