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  • 1a. Leaves all basal (though not apparent due to sheathing nature of petioles); inflorescence a secund raceme of white flowers with drooping pedicels subtended by scarious bracts 4–10 mm long
  • 1b. Leaves borne on a stem [Fig. 302]; inflorescence not combining above features
    • 2a. Tepals evidently connate and forming a tube, 10–22 mm long; inflorescence of axillary flowers or 1- to 10 (–15)-flowered racemes; berry dark blue to black; rhizome thick and knotty, mostly 10–30 mm thick [Fig. 303]
    • 2b. Tepals distinct, 1.5–6 mm long; inflorescence a terminal raceme or panicle; berry initially, or ultimately becoming, red; rhizome mainly more slender, 1–14 mm thick

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