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This family contains exactly one genus, Taxus.

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The report of Taxus ×‌media Rehd. in RI (Tucker 2006) was based on a hybrid with Taxus umbraculifera (Sieb. ex Endl.) Ravencroft var. hicksii (hort. ex Rehd.) Spjut as the seed parent and possibly Taxus biternata Spjut as the pollen parent (i.e., the second parent is not confidently known). The specimen shows leaves arranged in 4 or more ranks and radiating in ± all directions on the young shoots (as in T. umbraculifera). Taxus cuspidata, with which this plant shares some similarities, such as abruptly bent petioles and many rows of stomates, has leaves arranged in only 2 ranks (as to the attachment of the petioles), but the blades all ascending to erect. Reference: Spjut (2007).

  • 1a. Winter bud scales blunt at the apex, slightly keeled; leaf blades gradually tapering to 
the apex [Fig. 49 and R inset]
  • 1b. Winter bud scales sharply pointed to cuspidate, definitely keeled or folded; leaf blades abruptly tapering to the apex [Fig. 49, L inset]
    • 2a. Low shrubs with straggling, diffusely branched habit; leaf blades 1–2 (–2.4) mm wide; stomates in 5–7 (–9) rows in each band; petioles gradually curved or with an abrupt bend near the junction of the branch, not clasping the branchlet; seeds round or somewhat compressed near apex, but not angled
    • 2b. Plants upright; leaf blades 2–3 mm wide; stomates in (7–) 9–14 (–19) rows in each 
band; petioles with an abrupt bend near the junction of the blade, clasping the branchlet; seeds 4- or 5-angled near apex

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