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  • 1a. Leaves simple, entire; fruiting panicle with long-plumose, sterile pedicels
  • 1b. Leaves pinnately compound, the leaflets entire or, more commonly, toothed; fruiting panicle without long-plumose sterile pedicels (though the fertile pedicels may be short-pubescent)
    • 2a. Drupes red, conspicuously pubescent; inflorescence terminal or borne laterally on the previous season’s branchlets, the flowers and fruits crowded; leaves with 7–31 leaflets or only 3 leaflets in R. aromatica; petals often pubescent on the adaxial surface
    • 2b. Drupes white to yellow, glabrous or sparsely pubescent; inflorescence axillary, relatively more open; leaves with 3–13 leaflets; petals glabrous

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