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Reference: Gillis (1971).

  • 1a. Leaves with 7–13 entire leaflets; inflorescence 7.5–20 cm long; stamens exserted from corolla; buds sessile, covered by scales; plants erect shrubs 2–7 m tall
  • 1b. Leaves with 3 entire to toothed leaflets; inflorescence 1.5–8 (–10) cm long; stamens included within corolla; buds usually stalked, naked; plants straggling to erect shrubs up to 1 m tall or lianas
    • 2a. Stems straggling to erect, without aerial roots; leaves tending to be clustered near the tip of the stem, often slightly folded; inflorescence simple or few-branched, usually with fewer than 25 flowers; drupes glabrous, sessile or subsessile
    • 2b. Stems climbing or trailing-straggling by aerial roots; leaves alternately scattered throughout the stem, usually flat; inflorescence normally branched, usually with more than 25 flowers; drupes sparsely pubescent, scabrous, or papillose (usually glabrous in ssp. negundo), pedicellate

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