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Reference: Kato (1993a).

  • 1a. Leaf variegated, such that the distal portion of the leaflets (or much of the plant) suffused with gray to silver
  • 1b. Leaf not variegated, the blade green
    • 2a. Petiole scales brown to black-brown; leaf blades elliptic, narrowed to the base, broadest near or just below the middle; leaflets sessile or short-stalked; leafules linear to oblong; indusia ciliate with non-glandular hairs (though the sporangial stalks do have glandular hairs); spores yellow
    • 2b. Petiole scales light brown to brown; leaf blades broad-lanceolate to lanceolate, only slightly narrowed to the base, broadest just above the base; leaflets generally stalked; leafules oblong-lanceolate to narrow-triangular; indusia ciliate with glandular or non-glandular hairs; spores dark brown

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