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  • 1a. Seed cones fleshy and resembling a firm berry, the scales not opening [Fig. 43]; seeds not winged; abaxial glands on leaves elliptic to elongate
  • 1b. Seed cones woody, the scales opening and exposing the axis; seeds winged; abaxial glands on leaves circular or oval to elliptic
    • 2a. Branchlets terete or tetragonous; alternating pairs of leaves similar; seed cones nearly spherical, with peltate scales; abaxial leaf glands circular [Fig. 41]
    • 2b. Branchlets flat; alternating pairs of leaves dimorphic—those of the upper and lower rank flat, those of the lateral ranks folded; seed cones ellipsoidal, with basifixed scales; abaxial leaf glands oval to elliptic [Fig. 42]

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