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  • 1a. Leaf blades basifixed (i.e., the petiole attached to the base of the blade at the sinus between the two basal lobes); umbels sessile or subsessile; schizocarp 1.5–1.9 mm wide
  • 1b. Leaf blades peltate (i.e., the petiole attached to the center of the abaxial surface of the blade) [Fig. 351]; umbels borne on peduncles; schizocarp 2–4 mm wide
    • 2a. Inflorescence usually a single umbel at the summit of the peduncle (rarely as many as 3 whorls), with (10–) 15–35 (–100) flowers in the lowest whorl; schizocarp 2–3 mm wide, deeply notched or cordate at the base
    • 2b. Inflorescence appearing to be a spike or raceme with 2–12 whorls of flowers, each whorl with 2–7 (–20) flowers [Fig. 351]; schizocarp (2–) 3–4 mm wide, rounded or shallowly emarginate at the base

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