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Reference: Brouillet and Elvander (2009a).

  • 1a. Inflorescence with usually a single, terminal flower, the lower flowers modified into vegetative bulbils; ovary superior, the hypanthium not adnate to the carpels; leaf blades toothed only near apex
  • 1b. Inflorescence with normal, petal-bearing flowers throughout [Fig. 903]; ovary partly inferior, the hypanthium adnate to the base of the carpels; leaf blades often toothed throughout much of the margin
    • 2a. Leaf blades (5–) 10–20 (–30) cm long; stems 30–100 cm tall; sepals soon reflexed; petals green-white to purple; plants of wet, low ground
    • 2b. Leaf blades (0.8–) 1–5 (–8) cm long; stems 5–40 cm tall; sepals ascending to spreading; petals white; plants of rocky woods, ledges, and cliffs

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