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  • 1a. Inflorescence densely and many flowered, commonly with more than 50 flowers; perianth blue-purple (rarely white), the upper middle lobe with 2 contiguous, yellow spots; fruit achene-like, with a single seed
  • 1b. Inflorescence open to dense, with 2–15 flowers; perianth white, yellow, or blue, with or without spots, but never with 2 yellow spots; fruit a capsule, with 7–30 seeds
    • 2a. Petioles at least slightly inflated; perianth blue, the lobes 16–37 mm long; flowers with 6 stamens; plants typically free-floating
    • 2b. Petioles absent or not inflated; perianth white or yellow, the lobes 3–11 mm long; flowers with 3 stamens; plants rooted in substrate

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